"I just wanted to send you a note about Dr. Thamasus. He does a wonderful job with my mom. My father was a doctor and my mother is a retired nurse. Anyway, Dr. T is always thorough and handles my mom with great care. He talks to her (“not me”), so she feels some of her independence. I would like to commend him on his extra effort."

"My mother and I have been with Visiting Physicians for over ten years. My mother started with VPA in Cleveland, OH before moving to Jacksonville. I was so happy to find your company here. My mother had Dr. Patel and Dr. Fellin long term and a few of your other doctors for shorter periods. I have referred your company several times and will continue to do so in the future.

My emails to your office helped communicate all our needs. Please know I appreciate all your efforts and all the good works you do for the patients under your care. You play a very important role for the elderly and their families. Please continue your fine work as it is greatly needed."

"With VPA, I spend more time with my physician than if I had to go to an office. It has been a rewarding experience. My doctor is great. He listens and is very efficient. He calls me to let me know when he will arrive. I always have my list of questions for him written down and he answers each one. I really like talking to my doctor and he gives me confidence in my health. It’s also great to be treated by a team; the medical assistant is just as thorough as the doctor. All the services that I need are provided in my home, I even got a chest x-ray at home! Using VPA has been a rewarding experience."

"I think that I get better care through the personal visit than if I would commute to a doctor’s office. I think because they come here and are one-on-one with you, they care more about what they’re doing with you. You don’t have to be interrupted. It’s really great."

"My experience with VPA has been tremendous and I’m extremely happy. I’m using VPA for both of my parents. The doctor really takes his time…and is calm and understanding. He explains prescriptions thoroughly and answers any and all questions. I’m treated amazingly well by VPA and it has been a great help in my life and my parent’s lives."

"My husband had a stroke in December of 2007. I signed up with VPA. It was wonderful. The doctor was so good. After her first visit, I decided to ask if I could be a patient. My husband needed me at home all the time. I couldn’t take time out to go to doctor’s offices. I would highly recommend this service to anyone. I don’t know what we would have done without it."